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Gain Free Organic Instagram Followers - Part 2


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Welcome back to our weekly Instagram tips and tricks. It's time for part 2 of our article on how to get free Instagram followers. In the previous article, we talked about finding the right accounts to use as sources (an account with a large number of followers who are interested in a certain niche, the one you're in) and how we filter through them. I urge you to read part 1 first as finding the right sources is crucial to your success. It is time-consuming at first, but once you find some sources you'll be good for a while, and it's worth it.

You already know how to find good sources, it's high time we talk about how to filter the accounts you get from the sources.

Filtering The Accounts You Got

So, you found good sources and are confident their followers are interested in your niche. Now, before interacting with them, you need to do another stage of filtering. If this seems like a lot of work, it is. I never said this was easy, I just said it was simple. Just like with filtering the sources, there are certain rules we implement that make things easier. Let's take a look and see by which criteria we'll be sifting through this vast number of accounts.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers

Account size

Just like with sources, it's important not to choose overly popular accounts to follow. The difference here is our definition of popular. Since these are individuals and not "influencers" the bar is set far lower. As a rule of thumb, I'd stick with anyone from 30 to 3000 followers.

The lower is to exclude fake accounts, and the upper limit is not to follow overly popular accounts, as they may not follow you back or interact in any other way. The more followers a person has, the more likely it is that he either doesn't see your notification or simply ignores it.

Followers/Following ratio

This one goes hand in hand with the previous criteria. These two filters alone will exclude a lot of accounts from your list. This ratio shows you how likely it is that the account will follow you. Simple as that. If an account follows a lot of people but has relatively few followers, there's a big chance they will follow you back or interact in another way. Consequently, their Followers/Following ratio will be smaller.

So, the smaller the ratio, the better the results, but don't go under 0.25. Why? Because there are a lot of bots and spam accounts that simply follow until they are banned, and we don't want to waste our "precious" follow/like on them.

Profile type

There are a few profile types we are going to exclude right away. Firstly, private users. The reason is simple, these people are private because they don't want strangers seeing their posts or interacting with them. No reason to bug them and waste time, the answer will be no. Secondly, we're going to exclude business accounts as well. We're interested in real people interacting with us and joining our follower base. We're not interested in follow for follow type of stuff or anything similar. So, real, passionate users and business accounts certainly don't belong there.

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Furthermore, I'd avoid anyone without a profile photo, anyone that sells shout-outs and probably anyone that has a business e-mail in their bio. These people tend to be eliminated by the account size filter we already mentioned, but I just thought I'd get say it anyway.

Get free Instagram followers using our strategy

Finally, after all this filtering and sifting through accounts, we get to the fun part. Like I've said before, this is a strategy we use and a strategy that is proven to work, so all you need to do is put in the hard work, the results are sure to follow.

You're going to interact with the accounts that you have left after all that filtering. There are a couple of ways we will be interacting using this strategy:
• following
• liking
• commenting(optional)

These are all things everyday users do on Instagram and nothing spectacular. Truly, the hard part was all the filtering. However, it's also not easy interacting with users every day in the amount required. Let's take a look at how these actions can help you get free Instagram followers.

Following and Liking

These two go hand in hand in our strategy. You're going to go and follow accounts that meet the criteria we set. Right after following, you are going to like one or two of their posts that are not their most recent ones. Like some posts from a couple of months ago, or, if they frequently post, a month ago. Doing this dramatically increases your follow-back ratio.

Users appreciate that took the time to go through their profile and not just spam like the first photo you see. It sounds simple, but the main thing is keeping it consistent. You have to follow(and like) at least 150-200 users a day. Every. Day.


I put this as optional because you should only really comment if you're English is good and if you think it will sound genuine. Try to comment only on photos related to your niche, so there is relevance, and so the user sees how passionate you are about it. Keep in mind you should always comment on popular accounts' posts to gain exposure, but this section isn't related to those comments.


I hope you take my advice and get to work on implementing this strategy. Through our experience, we can vouch for this strategy, although it's hard work. Consistency is key here, and if you stick with this for three to six months, your results will be spectacular. Seeing as this is a way to get free Instagram followers every day(little by little), I'm sure you can find motivation in those numbers increasing. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more of our weekly Instagram tips and tricks.