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How to Get Verified on Instagram (The Blue Tick)


Tips to get verified on Instagram

For a long time getting verified on Instagram was a mysterious and rare thing, available only to the most notable and most popular accounts. It was a closed program and Instagram decided who got it without the user asking for it and with no option to request it. As a result, the notorious blue tick was every Instagram marketer's dream. However, recently, Instagram opened up the verification program and they finally let users apply to get verified. Not only that, but we finally have some knowledge of what it takes to get verified, as it was mostly guesswork up until recently.

In this article, I'll talk about the benefits of verification, why it was introduced and how to get verified on Instagram.

The Need for Verification

As I mention frequently in my articles, Instagram currently has over one billion users on its platform. Now, most of us use Instagram for our personal pleasure or for marketing purposes, such as brand or niche accounts. But, with one billion registered accounts, you can be sure that some users are up to no good on the platform. It comes down to impersonation someone, spammers, scammers, and the likes. Instagram tries their best to ban inauthentic user activity, but for every account they ban, a bunch of them probably come up. It's a battle all social media platforms fight and it's a battle they'll have to keep fighting if they plan to stay reputable.

As you can imagine, impersonating someone could hurt their followers or family and friends. All kinds of scams can be run when using another person's identity, but in theory, they are limited to the number of people you know/who follow you. Now, imagine someone impersonating a celebrity and you can get a clear picture as to why it's important Instagram deals with it. The bigger the following, the bigger the harm. Also, your followers/friends know you pretty well, so they may notice you're acting strangely, but how many people know Kim Kardashian or Michael Jordan? To add to that, people tend to add a bit stupid around celebrities so logic often evades them.

The Solution

To combat this problem, Instagram introduced the blue verified tick.

Get Instagram blue tick

The tick sign has become the universal sign for verification across the web. Whether it's Youtube, Twitter or Facebook and Instagram, having a tick next to your username means you're the real deal. It helps your followers and fans identify you and it prevents scammers from misusing your identity.

Tips on How to Get Verified on Instagram

Like I said in the introduction, before, there was no easy way to request verification and Instagram decided who deserved a blue tick. Usually, they chose big accounts who were impersonated often. Instagram still decides whether or not you get verified, but in light of their popularity, they decided to open up the program to user requests. A logical move and a move they should have probably taken earlier. Nonetheless, now that we can, let's see how to get verified on Instagram.

How to get Instagram blue tick

Meet the Requirements

Instagram posted the requirements your account should meet in order to get verified. However, keep in mind there are no guarantees and each account goes through manual review, so even if you think you meet all the requirements, it comes down to them. Your account should be:

  • Authentic - you have to be either a real person or represent a business or entity in order to get verified on Instagram

  • Unique - only one account may be verified per person or business entity. Also, here, it's important to note that niche accounts such as @catlovers @catmemes and the likes can't get verified.

  • Complete - by complete, Instagram states the following requirements: must be set to public and have a bio, profile photo and at least one post. Also, they won't verify you if you have links to other social media pages in your bio.

  • Notable - this is the requirement that most accounts struggle with. Instagram requires you to be searched for, well-known and a popular person/business. They'll search news sources for you and they say "paid promotion" doesn't count as a source.

Have a Large Following

The first step is having an account with a large and engaged following. Quality posts are crucial for growing your account, as is a regular posting habit. If you read our series "Hacking Your Instagram Growth" then you probably have an idea on how to obtain and maintain a large following. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do as this is essential to getting your account verified. Alternatively, you can also use Instagram Growth Services to help you gain a large following.

How to get verified on Instagram

You should have at least 50k followers before applying for the blue tick, I wouldn't bother trying with less. Of course, you're free to test and see for yourself, but keep in mind that if you get rejected, you can't apply again until 30 days have passed.

Build an Online Presence

While having a large following is vital, an online presence might be just as, if not more important. If Instagram sees you're already famous on the web, you might get a blue tick even with a brand new account. It all comes down to their judgment on how important you are and the consequences of someone using your online identity.

You can do this by having an online blog where you write. Also, try and do some interviews if it fits your niche, so as to grow your presence. If you have a large following on other social media platforms, Instagram will definitely take that into account when making the decision. Keep that in mind and focus on growing all your social media accounts and sharing the traffic (linking between them). Also, you should reach out to influencers in your niche and try to put your name out there as much as you can. Building an online presence should be your goal anyway in internet marketing, so the blue tick is just the cherry on top.


I'm sure we can agree that having a verified Instagram account can be very beneficial and you should do everything you can to achieve it. However, there are some requirements and not all accounts will be able to meet them. If it was easy, then the blue tick wouldn't make much sense in the first place. However, after reading this article I'm positive you have a good idea on how to get verified on Instagram, “all” you have to do now is put in the effort. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Instagram tips!