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Why you should buy Instagram followers

There are many reasons why you should buy Instagram followers. Instagram is one of the largest social media company's in the world, making it a very popular place to do business.

Chances are if you're not on there, your competitors are, and they have already grown a substantial following. So if your just starting out, buying Instagram followers can be very useful to give your brand the kick start it needs!

We don't supply fake followers that have no profile picture and will not engage with your profile, we promote your account to others, throughout every day, to get your page seen by thousands of people. The people that we attract to your page are real and targeted users, who will engage with your page, and potentially turn into clients or sales.

Targeted Instagram Followers

Social Runner works with you to identify users to target. This way we can make sure the people we are promoting your account to are already interested in your niche and will be much more likely to engage with you.

We have a few different options of targeting users, such as location based targeting, hashtag targeting, competitors targeting and the targeting of other users followers. All of these options are great in helping your page grow a solid base of Instagram followers.

We pride ourselves in growing our clients account with real followers, and if at any stage you feel you're not receiving followers as targeted as you would like, we are more than happy to adjust your targeting and work with you to identify any targeting issues.

Buy Instagram Likes

With Social Runner there's no need to buy extra Instagram likes, as the service we offer is a full service meaning that you will receive likes, followers, comments and all types of engagement as they are real followers, who will be interested in your account because of how we target them!

You'll see the Instagram likes on your images start to rise, and you'll constantly be receiving new likes throughout the day when our service is running! Your new images should also get more Instagram likes as more people will be visiting your page & following you.

We strongly suggest not using other services that supply only Instagram likes, as they will almost always be fake and they will disappear after a few weeks/months, leaving your potential followers wondering why some photos have such a lower number of likes than others.

Importance of real Instagram followers

Some people assume that by finding a follower supplier online and buying followers that they're going to be real people, however this can be far from the truth.

The majority of company's selling followers will be selling fake followers although they might advertise them as real, but in the fine print say that they are real "looking", meaning that they have been created by a program to make them look real. These types of followers will not engage with you, as they are created by a program so you'll never see any sales or comments etc from them. They will also drop off after a while once Instagram detects the bot accounts and removes them from the system, which can lead to your page dropping followers by the thousands.

Here at Social Runner we pride ourselves on the fact that we can promote your account to others and attract REAL people to come to your page, and interact with you. We do not sell fake followers at all, they are all real people that you can interact with and potentially lead to sales for your brand. We urge you to give our service a trial before buying any fake followers, as we're sure you'll find it much more effective!